Italbeola since the 90’s is specialized in the processing of natural stones .

In particle deals with the processing of Gneiss and Serizzo by applying different levels of processing:

  • The diamond cutting honed, polished, antique, granigliato.
  • The gneiss can be also provided natural split.

In addition, the Ossolana company specializes in manufacturing of stairs, window sills, and exterior and interior floors of each type of coating in general .

From a technological point of view, the machines used are definitely at the forefront of the industry, such as milling machines bridge, cut blocks, CUTTING edge polisher, splitting and lifters, so that the plant guarantees an efficient level of productivity.

The pivotal affirmation commercial elements are thus all present within the Italbeola Srl, therefore logical that success comes to it with you so naturally!

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